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secret bffs, even to themselves

Wow! I haven't posted here in so long! But I come to redeem myself with a Casey/Sarah picspam, or as I like to call them, Sasey.

IMPORTANT: This picspam ships Casey and Sarah as partners and friends, NOT as a couple. Just to be clear.

1. "You have a nice life, Walker"

03x12 Chuck vs. The American Hero: Casey tells Sarah the truth about Chuck's red test

Casey: You got a sec?
Sarah: Ummm yeah, sure. Come on in.
Can I get you a drink or anything?
Casey: No, No. I can't stay. I just wanted to come by and tell you something about Bartowski.
Sarah: Well, if you came to plead his case then that's really not necessary.
Casey: No, he didn't send me. He doesn't know I'm here. I just wanted to tell you something in case it changed anything.
(pause) He didn't kill the mole.
Sarah: What?
Casey: I did. He didn't have the stones to pull the trigger. Kid's not a killer, just not wired that way. Unlike us. Just thought you should know. See you around.
Sarah: Casey?
Casey: Yeah?
Sarah: Thank you
Casey: (cute grunt) You have a nice life Walker.

Gotta love this scene. They look so damn cute. Casey risked going to jail by telling Sarah the truth. But he did anyway because A He loves her! And cares so much for her and wants her (and Chuck) to be happy. And B because he trusts her.

2. "She's the best damn partner I've ever had"

02x18 Chuck vs. The Broken Heart: Casey tells Alex Sarah is a pro

Casey: Now Forrest, I was gonna say earlier. I disagree with your assesment.
Alex: About what?
Casey: Walker. She's a pro. Not only that, she's the best damn partner I ever had.

I love how he defends her, and admits (even if it's not to Sarah) that she's his best partner. I could watch this scene forever. Maybe in season 17 he will admit that Sarah is his friend? lol

3. "I won't stop you"

03x14 Chuck vs. The Honeymooners: Casey talks to Sarah / He can't say goodbye to her. Again.

Casey: So that's it? You're throwing away your life for Bartowski?
Sarah: I'm making a life.
Casey: You know I've been asked to retrieve you?
Sarah: Yeah, I know why you're here Casey and we're not going back.
Casey: I know what it means to make a choice like this. I won't stop you.
Sarah: Thank you.
Casey: Unless you want me to

*can't say goodbye*^

Casey: Move

Chuck and Sarah go. Casey looks at Sarah, makes a gesture. Sarah looks at him, nods.

Awww they just can't say goodbye to each other!! Soooo cuteee!!

4. "Hey!"

03x04 Chuck vs. Operation Awesome: Casey rushes to protect Sarah from Shaw

Sarah (to Shaw): I'm going in. Shoot me if you have to.
Shaw points at Sarah
Casey *turns around all badass with a gun*: Hey!
Shaw: You're fast
Casey: Something else you should know about me, I love guns.
Shaw puts his guns down
Casey: Good boy

This choice may look random, but I just love this moment. No further explanation.

"You called me your partner?"

01x08 Chuck vs. The Truth: Casey is all touched

Sarah: My partner would rather shoot you in the face than let you get away
Casey: You called me your partner?
Sarah nods and smiles

He's all touched that he said that ^_^ And her smile is so cute!

+ I'd like to share an excellent video by gigglemonster : 

kiss with a fist, casey/sarah [chuck] from dayln03 on Vimeo.

- Do not take images without permission!
- Comment to share the love for Sasey and the whole Chuck verse.

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